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Trzsz.js Document

Making webshell and terminal supports trzsz ( trz / tsz ), which similar to ( rz / sz ) , and compatible with tmux.


MIT License npmjs trzsz


Considering laptop -> hostA -> hostB -> docker -> tmux, using scp or sftp is inconvenience.

In this case, lrzsz ( rz / sz ) is convenient to use, but unfortunately it’s not compatible with tmux.

tmux is not going to support rz / sz ( 906, 1439 ), and creating a new tools is much easier than patching tmux.

trzsz.js is a js version of trzsz, which supports webshell running in browser, terminal built with electron, etc.

Getting Started



upload and download files in web browser

browser example

upload and download files in electron app

electron example


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